Logo PAD

Professional Associated Developers” (PAD) is a non lucrative, open, active, inclusive, horizontal and transparent organization with the goal of fulfilling the real needs of the independent (indie) video game developer.

Open to all developer companies and professionals;

Active, each member is a driving force;

Inclusive, collaborates with other sectors and associations;

Horizontal, all members have equal standing;

Transparent, non-profit association.

PAD objectives:


  • Valid and credible industry representative;
  • Optimization of social media;
  • Bridge between members and other social actors.
  • Meeting point between industry and society;
  • Arbitration and mediation.


  • Body of institutional representation;
  • Join forces, have a voice;
  • Defense members interests;
  • International trade fairs and events;


  • Social: Gender equality, incorporation of women; Promote reliable and professional image;
  • Economic: Exchange of ideas among professionals; Investment draw, opportunities creation;
  • European and international collaboration.

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