The European Game Showcase announces its games selection

It’s an event that will have a place next 28th February in the context of GDC with the aim to increase the impact of European developments in the United States.

For the first time, video game industry professionals join forces to maximize the European impact in the American territories. It’s a private and non-lucrative initiative arranged by four industry professionals: Alessandra Van Oterlo, Dutch freelancer with years of experience in event organization, Dajana Dimovska, CEO of the danish studio Knapnok Games, Tobias Kopka, director of Game Dev Conferences like Quo Vadis or Respawn and Eva Gaspar, CEO of the spanish publisher Abylight Studios.

To guarantee the event’s quality, the organizers have made a curation process of the games with the aim is to increase the presence and visibility of European developments in the United States. Likewise, the invitations are reserved to press, publishers and other communication professionals, to guarantee the maximum effectiveness of the event by the attendant studios.

A total of 24 titles coming from different European countries have been selected to be showcased at the event. These are the selected games in alphabetical order:

If you are press or industry professional and you want to attend the event, please contact us at

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PAD y AEVI colaboran de manera conjunta para la Barcelona Games World

PAD y AEVI estamos colaborando de manera conjunta para que los estudios de desarrollo españoles puedan tener presencia en la Barcelona Games World, la feria de videojuegos que tendrá lugar proximamente del 6 al 9 de octubre.

En nuestro ánimo por tratar de impulsar a la industria local hemos preparado dos acciones que creemos que os pueden ser de interés. Por un lado, la posibilidad de participar en la sesión de Pitch & Match con inversores y publishers. Por otro lado, optar a tener presencia en el área dedicada a estudios indies y nacionales.

AEVI asumirá los costes de participación en ambas actividades. Ya hay más de 50 estudios confirmados y, si estáis buscando inversores o partners, creemos que puede ser una buena oportunidad para vuestra compañía.

Si aún no conocéis la Barcelona Games World, podéis acceder a toda la información en el siguiente enlace.

La participación en el Pitch & Match es libre para cualquier asociado que esté interesado. Para la opción de disponer de un stand en el que poder mostrar a todos los asistentes los proyectos en los que están trabajando, especificar que el aforo es limitado y se distribuirán las plazas disponibles según los proyectos a presentar.

Todos aquellos asociados que estén interesados en solicitar estas facilidades, que se pongan en contacto con nosotros a través de Desde ahí iremos procesando las peticiones y explicaremos como proceder para participar en la Barcelona Games World.

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PADaWON Award Second Edition

PAD Congress is an event where developers can showcase their projects, networking, share know-how and participate in talks about the sector.

This year with the 2nd PAD Congress organized also the second edition of PADaWON award, which is delivered by popular vote for best game included in the showcase part.

Specifically all visitors have voted for their three favorite games granting of 1-3 points.


PADaWON award gave to the winner developer team the following pizes:

The winner of the second edition of PADaWON award was Hyperberry Games, with their game Otem’s Defiance.

“Defy religion, society and the odds in this dodge-and-shoot experience where you face “The Ringods”, abstract entities sitting at the center of a circular sacred arena, where you, a little boy called Otem, have been thrown as a sacrifice. Run around, learn the Ringods’ many different attack patterns, shoot them in their “Dogma” to vanquish them as they keep descending and stacking up. Get to the end of this shady and gruesome tradition enslaving the denizens of the incomprehensible land of Aterra.”

Congratulations to Hyperberry Games hope you enjoy your victory and we hope to see more of you in the future.

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PAD Members Analysis

At PAD, on the ocassion of 2nd PAD Congress, we have collected statistical information about the associated companies.

The scope of the research focusses on the business structure (founding year, team size), financing and business projection.

We invite you to draw your own conclusions and propose other issues for the 2nd survey.

Company founding year:

Año de fundaciónAño de fundación datos

Team size:

Tamaño del equipoTamaño del equipo datos


Bussiness Volume (anual approximate):

Volumen de Negocio (anual aproximado)Volumen de Negocio (anual aproximado) datos


Marketing inversion (anual approximate):

Inversión en Marketing (anual aproximado)Inversión en Marketing (anual aproximado) datos


Develop platforms:


Strategic markets or countries in short or medium term:


Searching inversors and/or publishers:


Financing in short/medium term:

Financiación a corto o medio plazoFinanciación a corto o medio plazo datos


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2nd PAD Congress announcement

2ºPAD congress Hangar

Announcement of date and venue: #PadCongress15

After the great success of the previous edition, the 2nd PAD Congress will take place on June 22nd and 23rd at the Hangar Barcelona.

Besides its duration, this year the event will also expand its exhibition and networking area, where important indie developers will showcase their latest creations to publishers, press, investors and general audience.

Lectures, round tables and workshops will also feature prominent guests who will share their knowledge and experiences with the participants.

Early Bird tickets are already on sale until 1st of June. Students will benefit a special price.

Contact us for showcasing and sponsor opportunities!


PAD Congress

Images of 1st PAD Congress

About PAD:

Professional Associated Develolopers (PAD) is an open, active, inclusive, horizontal and transparent association with the objective of responding to the real needs of game development companies. It currently has more than 80 associated studios.


In collaboration with:

Logo_Black   disseny hub logo-b-n-fons-blanc   ENTI   Ajuntament de Barcelona

GD Consult               Disseny Hub                              Enti                           Ajuntament de Barcelona

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Press Release: I PAD Congress: the Networking Party

I CONGRESS: the networking party

Video game developers have a rendezvous in Barcelona at the first congress of PAD

Barcelona, May 15th 2014.- PAD (Professional Associated Developers), the largest developers association in Spain with 60 companies, is pleased to announce the I PAD Congress: the networking party at the Fabrica Moritz Barcelona on June 24th.

Since the founding of PAD, the fact of organizing a conference by and for developers was one of its main objectives, which is why we’re thrilled to announce our first I Pad Congress”, said Eva Gaspar, President of PAD. “A networking party that aims to become an annual event, to serve both as a platform for video game developers to present their latest projects and as a networking opportunity, all full of good atmosphere, shows and music”.

Thus I PAD Congress is presented as the best showcase for the thriving independent video game industry in Spain, providing developers the chance to show their work, exchange quality know-how and interact with other professionals, developers and publishers, national and international, to collaborate and attract investment.

In addition to the showcase of the latest video game of the participants and the exclusive networking party, the I PAD Congress will have workshops and lectures by prominent figures in the industry. Among the starting lineup we find Hironao Kunimitsu, CEO at gumi, one of the largest publishing companies in Japan; and Maria Alegre, co-founder and CEO of ChartBoost, the largest business enginge for mobile games.

The whole event will be held at the former Fabrica Moritz Barcelona, an unrivalled setting for the indie and collaborative spirit that PAD supports and encourages. The emblematic brewery of the local beer brand in the middle of the city is one of the most popular meeting spots for new talent that drives innovation.

Dajana Dimovska, one of our prominent speakers, KnapNok Games´s CEO and co-founder of the Copenhagen Game Collective, cannot be more accurate when stating that “If you develop video games you have to go out and share a beer”.
For more information on the I PAD Congress, please, visit, check the Twitter account and/or join the group on Facebook

About PAD

Professional Associated Developers” (PAD) is a non lucrative, open, active, inclusive, horizontal and transparent organization with the goal of fulfilling the real needs of the video game developer. Founded in late 2013, was officially presented on January 30th 2014 at the Mobile World Centre of Barcelona. Currently it already has 60 video game companies associated and is working day by day to become the meeting point for industry professionals and society.

Currently PAD members are more than 60 video game companies.

Contact mail:

Press Release I PAD Congress

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I PAD Congress: the Networking Party

Professional Associated Developers organizes the I PAD Congress: the Networking Party, a meeting between game developers and other industry collectives, to be held on 24th June 2014 at the Fabrica Moritz Barcelona.

What is PAD Congress?

It is an event to showcase the products of participating developers, exchange quality know-how and contact other professionals and publishers, national and international, to collaborate and attract investment.
Starting at 17pm, the event it is not only an open video game showroom, with several roundtables and lectures but also it is an exclusive networking party, full of good atmosphere, shows and music. All of this is companied by the fantastic Moritz beer and a delicious cocktail of Spanish meal.








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