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Professional Associated Developers organized the 1st PAD Congress, a meeting between game developers and other industry collectives. It was held on 24th June 2014 at the Fabrica Moritz Barcelona.

  • Attendance +250 professionals
  • Showroom +30 developers showcasing their latest video game, in beta or released version (Here you can see the Showcase)
  • Meeting & Networking Area for private meetings where the professionals interested could have a meeting with all the participating developers
  • Lectures & round-tables 
Round table 1st PAD Congress

Round table 1st PAD Congress

Starting at 17pm, the event it was not only an open video game showroom, with several roundtables and lectures but also it was an exclusive networking party, full of good atmosphere, shows and music. And all of this was companied by the fantastic Moritz beer and a delicious cocktail of Spanish meal.

This is not only a matter of organizing a congress, our real intention was to create an event by we could gather the companies in the sector, networking, support ourself”, Eva Gaspar (President of PAD) has noted. “It makes no sense to compete with each other. The key is to collaborate, to understand that we are not alone and believe that united we will be stronger.”


More than 30 developers participated in the 1st PAD Congress Showcase with their latest video game, in beta or released version.

It was the first exclusive release of (among other):

Bee Invasion by Funky Whale Games

Dead Synchronicity: Tomorrow comes Today by Fictiorama Studios

The Last Door: Collector´s Edition by The Game Kitchen

AfterZoom by Abylight

See here the complete: Showcase



Decided only by the visitors to the 1st PAD Congress, the first winners of the PADaWon awards were:

PADaWon 2014 1st:


PADaWon 2014 2nd:


THE GAME KITCHEN – The Last Door: Collector´s Edition

ENJOY UP – Rock´NRacing Off Road

PADaWon 2014 3rd:

FUNBOX¡Sígueme Platero!

PADaWon 2014 1st

PADaWon 2014 2nd

PADaWon 2014 3rd







The whole event was held at the former Fabrica Moritz Barcelona, an unrivalled setting for the indie and collaborative atmosphere that PAD is based on.

The emblematic micro-brewery in the middle of the city of the local beer brand was the best meeting point for independent talent, successfullycombining the innovative, young and trendy spirit.

Dajana Dimovska, one of our prominent speakers, KnapNokGames´s CEO and co-founder of the Copenhagen Game Collective, cannot be more accurate when stating thatIf you develop video games you have to go out and share a beer” (See here the Eurogamer article)

Moritz 1st PAD Congress

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